Smart Class

Today smart classes provide globally respected education. It’s a great solutions provider so much so that the entire education spectrum from preschool to higher studies has been revolutionized. It is essentially a computer aided learning device and technology. It is a novel and meaningful stride in the area of compact education tool. It changes the teaching and learning for the better. It has a whole bouquet of informative and educative programmes. It exposes the children to a variety of teaching, learning, methodologies, and best practices in school curriculum concepts. It addresses the ever increasing learning needs of students and complements and bridges the teaching learning gaps. Above all it helps to remove the stress of both the students and teachers. Children are able to access the specialized expertise right in the comfort of their school premises.

Amarnath Inter College has taken a big leap forward by introducing SMART CLASSES. This is the latest technology available to students to supplement their teaching, learning skills and modernize the process with the carefully planned programmes and audio visual aids. This gives a rare opportunity to the child to listen to the best teachers and visualize and comprehend the difficult areas in their curriculum of studies. The programmes in the smart classes are prepared by eminent educationists and can be revised and changed and made more suitable from time to time making it an adaptable tool for progressive modern education.

Amarnath Inter College is a Co-educational Senior Secondary School which is affiliated to Basic Siksha Parsihad ,English and Hindi  Medium Allahabad Uttar Pradesh.

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